Bergsy- Age 24, originally from Hazlewood, MO. He’s been on the ice since age 3, and was the captain of his high school team. He set some awesome records in college (assists and suspensions) while attending EIU. He’s worked for Northern Edge Hockey, and has always had a passion for being on the ice, but is ready for his new challenge,  taking an analytical point of view on the game he loves most. Hopefully, that is just as sweet for him as playing was.


Croxy- Age 28, from Granite City, IL. He’s currently a career firefighter/paramedic in the Metro East. He developed his passion for hockey in his early twenties , and hasn’t looked back. Though his playing experience is limited to late night men’s league, and volunteering in local learn to play programs, his passion for the game runs deep and he’s excited to chat hockey as often as possible.


Porkchop- Age 23, from Granite City, IL. He’s been playing hockey since he was 12, and even played through high school and into college. He loves coaching the game, and has been doing so for about 6 years now. Like Bergsy, he was ready for that next challenge and decided to give his opinions on all NHL news to the multitude of great fans around St. Louis, and the nation.


Pep- Age 30, from Ballwin, MO. The “geezer” of the group, or “crafty vet” as seasoned hockey players are often called, has been a hockey fan since the womb, and has played for over 25 years at all levels, including a very tiny stint professionally. He’s also a Blues insider through KSDK and The Hockey Writers, and will provide Loose Chicklets with crafty articles about the Note and the NHL. Though he’s a goalie by trade, he now plays men’s league at all positions and his love for the game is unwavering.